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Chapter 22. General Updates

Addition of CtrlAltDelBurstAction for Systemd

The systemd response to multiple CTRL+ALT+DEL events is now configurable by setting the CtrlAltDelBurstAction option in /etc/systemd/system.conf (BZ#1353028)

cgred can now resolve rules concerning NSS users and groups

Previously, the cgred service was not configured to start up after services providing Name Service Switch (NSS) users and groups. Also, information about skipping invalid rules was shown only in debug mode. Consequently, rules in the cgrules.conf file concerning NSS users and groups were sometimes ignored without any log message. With this update, cgred is configured to start after the nss-user-lookup target and level of log messages about skipping rules is changed to warning, which is also set as a default log level for the cgred daemon. As a result, NSS users and groups are now always resolved before starting cgred. Also, the warning message is logged in case some rules in cgrules.conf are invalid. (BZ#1406927)