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Chapter 40. Hardware Enablement

LSI Syncro CS HA-DAS adapters

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 included code in the megaraid_sas driver to enable LSI Syncro CS high-availability direct-attached storage (HA-DAS) adapters. While the megaraid_sas driver is fully supported for previously enabled adapters, the use of this driver for Syncro CS is available as a Technology Preview. Support for this adapter is provided directly by LSI, your system integrator, or system vendor. Users deploying Syncro CS on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 and later are encouraged to provide feedback to Red Hat and LSI. (BZ#1062759)

Intel DIMM management tools

As a Technology Preview, the following components have been added to enable the management of Intel Dual Inline Memory Modules (DIMMs).
  • An API has been added for configuring DIMMs
  • The libinvm-cli library, which supports storage command-line (CLI) applications
  • The libinvm-cim library, which allows the use of storage common information model (CIM) providers
  • The libinvm-i18n library, which provides internationalization functionality for DIMMs
These enable the user to perform basic DIMM inventory, capacity provisioning, health monitoring, and troubleshooting. (BZ#1270993, BZ#1270998, BZ#1326924, BZ#1326931)