Chapter 11. Installation and Booting

Improved logging when network traffic is blocked during installation

This update adds improved logging when attempting to connect to a network repository during installation. Now, when there is a connection problem with a network repository during installation, logs include more detailed information about what caused the problem. (BZ#1240379)

Support for Memory Address Range Mirroring

With this update, it is possible to configure Memory Address Range Mirroring on EFI-based systems on compatible hardware, using the efibootmgr utility with the new --mirror-below-4G and --mirror-above-4G options. (BZ#1271412)

Default logging levels increased in Yum and NetworkManager

With this update, default logging levels were increased in the Yum and NetworkManager utilities. (BZ#1254368)

Driver Update Disks can now replace loaded modules

It is now possible to use a Driver Update Disk to replace a module that is already loaded, provided that the original module is not in use. (BZ#1101653)