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Chapter 60. Servers and Services

ReaR creates two ISO images instead of one

In ReaR, the OUTPUT_URL directive enables specifying location for the ISO image containing the rescue system. Currently, with this directive set, ReaR creates two copies of the ISO image: one in the specified directory and one in the /var/lib/rear/output/ default directory. This requires additional space for the image. This is especially important if a full-system backup is included into the ISO image (using the BACKUP=NETFS and BACKUP_URL=iso:///backup/ configuration).
To work around this behavior, delete the extra ISO image once ReaR has finished working or, to avoid having a period of time with double storage consumption, create the image in the default directory and then move it to the desired location manually.
There is a request for enhancement to change this behavior and make ReaR create only one copy of the ISO image. (BZ#1320552)

The default value of first_valid_uid in dovecot has changed

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, the default configuration of first_valid_uid in dovecot was changed to 1000 to match the system wide configuration specified as UID_MIN in the /etc/login.defs file. If a system has UID_MIN manually changed to 500 and is relying on dovecot default value, dovecot will not serve users with IDs lower than first_valid_uid. As a consequence, if you have regular users with id less than 1000, you have to update first_valid_uid. After you do this, dovecot will work as expected. (BZ#1280433)