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Chapter 55. Hardware Enablement

Platforms relying on DDF-based RAID are not supported

Disk Data Format (DDF)-based BIOS RAID is currently not supported in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This includes systems using the LSI BIOS, which require the megasr proprietary driver.
However, on certain systems, such as IBM z Systems servers with the ServeRAID adapter, it is possible to disable RAID in the BIOS. To do this, enter the UEFI menu and navigate through the System Settings and Devices and I/O Ports menus to the Configure the onboard SCU submenu. Then change the SCU setting from RAID to nonRAID. Save your changes and reboot the system. In this mode, the storage is configured using an open-source non-RAID LSI driver available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, such as mptsas, mpt2sas, or mpt3sas.
To obtain the megasr driver for IBM systems refer to the IBM support page:
Note that the described restriction does not apply to LSI adapters that use the megaraid driver, as such adapters implement RAID functions in firmware. (BZ#1067292)