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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Chapter 50. General Updates

The TAB key does not expand $PWD by default

When working in CLI in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, pressing the TAB key expanded $PWD/ to the current directory. In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, CLI does not have the same behavior. Users can achieve this behavior by putting the following lines into the $HOME/.bash_profile file:
if ((BASH_VERSINFO[0] >= 4)) && ((BASH_VERSINFO[1] >= 2)); then
    shopt -s direxpand

gnome-getting-started-docs-* moved to the Optional channel

As of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3, the gnome-getting-started-docs-* packages have been moved from the Base channel to the Optional channel. Consequently, upgrading from an earlier version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 fails, if these packages were previously installed. To work around this problem, uninstall gnome-getting-started-docs-* prior to upgrading to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3. (BZ#1350802)

The remote-viewer SPICE client fails to detect newly plugged-in smart card readers

The libcacard library in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 fails to handle USB hot plug events. As a consequence, while the remote-viewer SPICE client is running, the application in some cases fails to detect a USB smart card reader when it is plugged in. To work around the problem, remove the smart card from the reader and reinsert it. (BZ#1249116)