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Chapter 27. File Systems

The quota RPC service is no longer unavailable

After upgrading the nfs-utils packages, the nfs-rquotad.service systemd service was previously unavailable on the system after starting the quota Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service. To fix this bug, the quota packages now include a new rpc-rquotad.service *systemd* service, which provides the quota RPC service that allows querying and setting disk quotas over a network. The service can be configured in the /etc/sysconfig/rpc-rquotad file. The nfs-rquotad service alias is also provided to ensure compatibility with earlier versions. As a result, the quota RPC service is now available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 as expected in the described situation. (BZ#1207239)

repquota now reports quotas for users not defined in the local passwd database

When listing all users' quotas with repquota tool on an XFS file system when some users were defined only in the LDAP directory, quotas for users that were not defined in the local passwd database were previously not reported by repquota. Now, a new kernel interface, the Q_GETNEXTQUOTA and Q_XGETNEXTQUOTA quota IOCTL commands, is used, if available, to retrieve all quota entries stored in a file system. This new method does not require enumerating all user accounts and works even for users unknown to the local system. As a result, repquota reports quotas for all users even if a user account is retrieved from a remote LDAP server or the System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) caches the user accounts. (BZ#1305968)

quota now correctly reports the grace time

Previously, the integer type was misinterpreted if the quota tool displayed the grace time for an NFS-mounted file system if the soft quota limit for the current user was exceeded, and the grace quota time already expired. As a consequence, the quota command incorrectly reported a large number of days instead of the none value. This update fixes the misinterpretation of the integer type used to transfer grace times over the network. In addition, this update limits the range of possible values to 32-bit signed integer boundaries to ensure interoperability between NFS servers and clients with a different CPU word size. As a result, the quota tools correctly report grace time that differs from the server time in the range from -2^31+1 to 2^31 seconds. Lower values are reported as expired, and higher as a maximal possible time that stays unchanged until the difference is in the correct range. (BZ#1072858)

cifs.idmap now maps SIDs to UIDs

Previously, the cifs.idmap tool could not map SIDs to UIDs in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. As a consequence, cifs.idmap could not be used to map ownership to the user name or group name from the Active Directory (AD). The Makefile has been modified to verify that the correct build options are presented to ensure that the mapping works. As a result, the mapping in cifs.idmap now works as expected. (BZ#1289454)

cifs-utils rebased to version 6.2

The cifs-utils packages have been upgraded to upstream version 6.2, which provides a number of bug fixes over the previous version. The following bug fixes are included:
  • Unnecessary linking of libwbclient is prevented.
  • Uppercase orig_dev on 2nd try at mounting.
  • paths.h is included in mtab.c
  • The use of backupuid and backupgid is clarified in the manual pages.
  • The x-* mount options are included. (BZ#1351618)