Chapter 26. Virtualization

Nested virtualization

As a Technology Preview, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 offers nested virtualization. This feature enables KVM to launch guests that can act as hypervisors and create their own guests.

The virt-p2v tool

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 offers the virt-p2v tool as a Technology Preview. virt-p2v (physical to virtual) is a CD-ROM, ISO or PXE image that the user can boot on a physical machine, and that creates a KVM virtual machine with disk contents identical to the physical machine.

USB 3.0 support for KVM guests

USB 3.0 host adapter (xHCI) emulation for KVM guests remains a Technology Preview in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2.

VirtIO-1 support

Virtio drivers have been updated to Kernel 4.1 to provide VirtIO 1.0 Device Support.