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Chapter 39. System and Subscription Management

Non-working Back button in the Subscription Manager add-on for Initial Setup

The Back button on the first panel of the Subscription Manager add-on for the Initial Setup utility does not work. To work around this problem, click Done at the top of Initial Setup to exit the registration workflow.

virt-who fails to change host-to-guest association to the Candlepin server

When adding, removing, or migrating a guest, the virt-who utility currently fails to send the host-to-guest mapping and prints a RateLimitExceededException error to the log file. To work around the problem, set the VIRTWHO_INTERVAL= parameter in the /etc/sysconfig/virt-who file to a large number, such as 600. This allows the mapping to be changed correctly, but causes changes in the host-to-guest mapping to take significantly longer to be processed.

ReaR fails to create an ISO on IBM System z

ReaR is unable to create an ISO image on IBM System z systems. To work around this problem, use a different type of rescue system than ISO.

ReaR supports only grub during system recovery

ReaR supports only the grub boot loader. Consequently, ReaR cannot automatically recover a system with a different boot loader. Notably, yaboot is not yet supported by ReaR on PowerPC machines. To work around this problem, edit the boot loader manually.