Chapter 34. Desktop

Broken pygobject3 package dependencies prevent upgrade from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1

The pygobject3-devel.i686 32-bit package has been removed in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 and was replaced with a multilib version. If you have the 32-bit version of the package installed on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 system, then you will encounter a yum error when attempting to upgrade to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2.
To work around this problem, use the yum remove pygobject3-devel.i686 command as root to uninstall the 32-bit version of the package before upgrading your system.

Build requirements not defined correctly for Emacs

The binutils package earlier than version causes a segmentation fault during the build. As a consequence, it is not possible to build the Emacs text editor on IBM Power Systems. To work around this problem, install the latest binutils.

External display issues when combining laptop un/dock and suspend

In the GNOME desktop environment, with some laptops, external displays connected to a docking station might not be automatically activated when resuming a suspended laptop after it has been undocked and docked again.
To work around this problem, open the Displays configuration panel or run the xrandr command in a terminal. This makes the external displays available again.

Emacs sometimes terminates unexpectedly when using the up arrow on ARM

On the ARM architecture, the Emacs text editor sometimes terminates unexpectedly with a segmentation fault when scrolling up a file buffer. This happens only when the syntax highlighting is enabled. There is not currently any known workaround for this problem.