Chapter 19. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Beta for ARM

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Beta for ARM introduces Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Beta user space with an updated kernel, which is based on version 4.14 and is provided by the kernel-alt packages. The offering is distributed with other updated packages but most of the packages are standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server RPMs. Installation ISO images are available on the Customer Portal Downloads page.
For information about Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Beta user space, see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 documentation. For information regarding the previous version, refer to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 for ARM - Release Notes.
The following packages are provided as Development Preview in this release:
  • libvirt (Optional channel)
  • qemu-kvm-ma (Optional channel)


KVM virtualization is a Development preview (unsupported) on the 64-bit ARM architecture. For more information, see the Red Hat KnowledgeBase. Customers may contact Red Hat and describe their use case, which will be taken into consideration for a future release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

19.1. New Features and Updates

Core Kernel

  • This update introduces the qrwlock queue write lock for 64-bit ARM systems. The implementation of this mechanism improves performance and prevents lock starvation by ensuring fair handling of multiple CPUs competing for the global task lock. This change also resolves a known issue, which was present in earlier releases and which caused soft lockups under heavy load.
    Note that any kernel modules built for previous versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for ARM (against the kernel-alt packages) must be rebuilt against the updated kernel. (BZ#1507568)