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1.3. Performance Features and Improvements

  • CPU/Kernel
    • NUMA - Non-Uniform Memory Access. See Chapter 9, NUMA for details on NUMA.
    • CFS - Completely Fair Scheduler. A modern class-focused scheduler.
    • RCU - Read Copy Update. Better handling of shared thread data.
    • Up to 160 virtual CPUs (vCPUs).
  • Memory
    • Huge Pages and other optimizations for memory-intensive environments. See Chapter 8, Memory for details.
  • Networking
    • vhost-net - a fast, kernel-based VirtIO solution.
    • SR-IOV - for near-native networking performance levels.
  • Block I/O
    • AIO - Support for a thread to overlap other I/O operations.
    • MSI - PCI bus device interrupt generation.
    • Scatter Gather - An improved I/O mode for data buffer handling.


For more details on virtualization support, limits, and features, refer to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Virtualization Getting Started Guide and the following URLs: