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12.4. Detaching an Assigned PCI Device

When a host PCI device has been assigned to a guest machine, the host can no longer use the device. Read this section to learn how to detach the device from the guest with virsh or virt-manager so it is available for host use.

Procedure 12.6. Detaching a PCI device from a guest with virsh

  1. Detach the device

    Use the following command to detach the PCI device from the guest by removing it in the guest's XML file:
    # virsh detach-device name_of_guest file.xml
  2. Re-attach the device to the host (optional)

    If the device is in managed mode, skip this step. The device will be returned to the host automatically.
    If the device is not using managed mode, use the following command to re-attach the PCI device to the host machine:
    # virsh nodedev-reattach device
    For example, to re-attach the pci_0000_01_00_0 device to the host:
    virsh nodedev-reattach pci_0000_01_00_0
    The device is now available for host use.

Procedure 12.7. Detaching a PCI Device from a guest with virt-manager

  1. Open the virtual hardware details screen

    In virt-manager, double-click on the virtual machine that contains the device. Select the Show virtual hardware details button to display a list of virtual hardware.
    The Show virtual hardware details button.

    Figure 12.4. The virtual hardware details button

  2. Select and remove the device

    Select the PCI device to be detached from the list of virtual devices in the left panel.
    The PCI device details and the Remove button.

    Figure 12.5. Selecting the PCI device to be detached

    Click the Remove button to confirm. The device is now available for host use.