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13.3. Troubleshooting SR-IOV

This section contains solutions for problems which may affect SR-IOV.
Error starting the guest
When starting a configured virtual machine, an error occurs as follows:
# virsh start test
error: Failed to start domain test
error: internal error unable to start guest: char device redirected to
get_real_device: /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:03:10.0/config: Permission denied
init_assigned_device: Error: Couldn't get real device (03:10.0)!
Failed to initialize assigned device host=03:10.0
This error is often caused by a device that is already assigned to another guest or to the host itself.
Error migrating, saving, or dumping the guest
Attempts to migrate and dump the virtual machine cause an error similar to the following:
# virsh dump --crash 5 /tmp/vmcore
error: Failed to core dump domain 5 to /tmp/vmcore
error: internal error unable to execute QEMU command 'migrate': An undefined
error has occurred
Because device assignment uses hardware on the specific host where the virtual machine was started, guest migration and save are not supported when device assignment is in use. Currently, the same limitation also applies to core-dumping a guest; this may change in the future.