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Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. What is in This Guide?

This guide provides information on installing virtualization software and configuring guest machines on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtualization host.
The initial chapters in this guide outline the prerequisites to enable a Red Hat Enterprise Linux host machine to deploy virtualization. System requirements, compatible hardware, support and product restrictions are covered in detail.
Basic host configuration, including mandatory and optional virtualization packages, are covered in Chapter 5, Installing the Virtualization Packages.
Guest virtual machine installation is covered in detail starting from Chapter 6, Guest Virtual Machine Installation Overview, with procedures for installing fully virtualized Red Hat Enterprise Linux guests and Windows paravirtualized guests using virt-manager and virsh.
More detailed information on networking, PCI device configuration, SR-IOV, KVM guest timing management, and troubleshooting help for libvirt and SR-IOV is included later in the guide.


This book provides guidance for virtualization host configuration and guest installation. For more detailed system configuration information, refer to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux — Virtualization Administration Guide.