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1.2. Virtualization Solutions

Red Hat offers two major virtualization solutions with different user focuses and features:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
The ability to create, run, and manage virtual machines, as well as a number of vitualization tools and features, are included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. This solution supports a limited number of running guests per host, as well as a limited range of guest types. As such, virtualization on Red Hat Enterprise Linux can be useful for example to developers who require testing in multiple environments, or to small businesses running several servers that do not have strict uptime requirements or service-level agreements (SLAs).
Red Hat Virtualization
Red Hat Virtualization is based on the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) technology like virtualization on Red Hat Enterprise Linux is, but offers an enhanced array of features. Designed for enterprise-class scalability and performance, it enables management of your entire virtual infrastructure, including hosts, virtual machines, networks, storage, and users from a centralized graphical interface.
Red Hat Virtualization can be used by enterprises running larger deployments or mission-critical applications. Examples of large deployments suited to Red Hat Virtualization include databases, trading platforms, and messaging systems that must run continuously without any downtime.


This guide provides information about virtualization on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For more information about Red Hat Virtualization, or to download a fully supported 60-day evaluation version, see