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4.3.3. Importing and running the converted virtual machine

On successful completion, virt-v2v will upload the exported virtual machine to the specified export domain. To import and run the converted virtual machine:

Procedure 4.7. Importing and running the converted virtual machine

  1. In the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Administration Portal, select the export domain from the Storage tab. The export domain must have a status of Active.
  2. Select the VM Import tab in the details pane to list the available virtual machines to import.
  3. Select one or more virtual machines and click Import. The Import Virtual Machine(s) window will open.
  4. In the drop-down menus, select the select the Default Storage Domain, Cluster, and Cluster Quota in the data center.
  5. Select the Collapse Snapshots check box to remove snapshot restore points and include templates in template-based virtual machines. Click OK to import the virtual machines.
For more information on importing virtual machines, refer to the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Administration Guide.
Network configuration

virt-v2v cannot currently reconfigure a guest's network configuration. If the converted guest is not connected to the same subnet as the source, the guest's network configuration may have to be updated manually.