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3.2.2. Preparing to convert a local Xen virtual machine

The following is required when converting virtual machines on a host which used to run Xen, but has been updated to run KVM. It is not required when converting a Xen virtual machine imported directly from a running libvirt/Xen instance.

Procedure 3.3. Preparing to convert a local Xen virtual machine

  • Obtain the XML for the virtual machine.
    virt-v2v uses a libvirt domain description to determine the current configuration of the virtual machine, including the location of its storage. Before starting the conversion, obtain the XML from the host running the virtual machine with the following command:
    virsh dumpxml guest_name > guest_name.xml
    This will require booting into a Xen kernel to obtain the XML, as libvirt needs to connect to a running Xen hypervisor to obtain its metadata. The conversion process is optimized for KVM, so obtaining domain data while running a Xen kernel, then performing the conversion using a KVM kernel will be more efficient than running the conversion on a Xen kernel.