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8.6. Suspending an XFS File System

To suspend or resume write activity to a file system, use xfs_freeze. Suspending write activity allows hardware-based device snapshots to be used to capture the file system in a consistent state.


The xfs_freeze utility is provided by the xfsprogs package, which is only available on x86_64.
To suspend (that is, freeze) an XFS file system, use:
# xfs_freeze -f /mount/point
To unfreeze an XFS file system, use:
# xfs_freeze -u /mount/point
When taking an LVM snapshot, it is not necessary to use xfs_freeze to suspend the file system first. Rather, the LVM management tools will automatically suspend the XFS file system before taking the snapshot.


The xfs_freeze utility can also be used to freeze or unfreeze an ext3, ext4, GFS2, XFS, and BTRFS, file system. The syntax for doing so is the same.
For more information about freezing and unfreezing an XFS file system, refer to man xfs_freeze.