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Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 2-82Mon Jun 4 2018Marek Suchánek
Asynchronous update
Revision 2-81Wed Mar 21 2018Marek Suchánek
Asynchronous update
Revision 2-70Mon Mar 13 2017Milan Navratil
Preparing document for 6.9 GA publication.
Revision 2-64Thu May 10 2016Milan Navratil
Preparing document for 6.8 GA publication.
Revision 2-63Thu Mar 31 2016Milan Navratil
Asynchronous update with multiple minor improvements.
Revision 2-52Wed Mar 25 2015Jacquelynn East
Added ext back up and restore chapters
Revision 2-51Thu Oct 9 2014Jacquelynn East
Version for 6.6 GA release
Revision 2-38Mon Nov 18 2013Jacquelynn East
Build for 6.5 GA
Revision 2-35Thu Sep 05 2013Jacquelynn East
Added a section documenting fsck.
Revision 2-11Mon Feb 18 2013Jacquelynn East
Version for 6.4 GA release.
Revision 2-1Fri Oct 19 2012Jacquelynn East
Branched for 6.4 Beta.
Created new edition based on significant structual reordering.
Revision 1-45Mon Jun 18 2012Jacquelynn East
Version for 6.3 release.