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2.6.5. Additional Resources

More information about TCP Wrappers and xinetd is available from system documentation and on the Internet. Installed TCP Wrappers Documentation

The documentation on your system is a good place to start looking for additional configuration options for TCP Wrappers, xinetd, and access control.
  • /usr/share/doc/tcp_wrappers-<version>/ — This directory contains a README file that discusses how TCP Wrappers work and the various hostname and host address spoofing risks that exist.
  • /usr/share/doc/xinetd-<version>/ — This directory contains a README file that discusses aspects of access control and a sample.conf file with various ideas for modifying service-specific configuration files in the /etc/xinetd.d/ directory.
  • TCP Wrappers and xinetd-related man pages — A number of man pages exist for the various applications and configuration files involved with TCP Wrappers and xinetd. The following are some of the more important man pages:
    Server Applications
    • man xinetd — The man page for xinetd.
    Configuration Files
    • man 5 hosts_access — The man page for the TCP Wrappers hosts access control files.
    • man hosts_options — The man page for the TCP Wrappers options fields.
    • man xinetd.conf — The man page listing xinetd configuration options.