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8.6. Installing USGCB-Compliant System with Kickstart

Starting with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7, a USGCB (United States Government Configuration Baseline) benchmark Kickstart file is supplied for the Server variant of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This allows administrators to install a USGCB-compliant system with a minimum effort. Instead of installing a raw Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, scanning it using USGCB SCAP content, and then reconfiguring the system to achieve compliance, administrators can use the USGCB benchmark Kickstart file to automatically obtain a USGCB compliant system from the start.
See the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation Guide for more information on using Kickstart files for automated installations (chapter Kickstart Installations), as well as instructions on how to use the provided USGCB benchmark Kickstart file (section Creating a USGCB or DISA STIG-compliant Installation Image). The USGCB Kickstart file is included in the scap-security-guide package, and its permanent location is: