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7.4. Starting the audit Service

Once auditd is properly configured, start the service to collect Audit information and store it in the log files. Execute the following command as the root user to start auditd:
~]# service auditd start
Optionally, you can configure auditd to start at boot time using the following command as the root user:
~]# chkconfig auditd on
A number of other actions can be performed on auditd using the service auditd action command, where action can be one of the following:
  • stop — stops auditd.
  • restart — restarts auditd.
  • reload or force-reload — reloads the configuration of auditd from the /etc/audit/auditd.conf file.
  • rotate — rotates the log files in the /var/log/audit/ directory.
  • resume — resumes logging of Audit events after it has been previously suspended, for example, when there is not enough free space on the disk partition that holds the Audit log files.
  • condrestart or try-restart — restarts auditd only if it is already running.
  • status — displays the running status of auditd.