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2.7.9. Additional Resources

The following sources of information provide additional resources regarding Libreswan and the ipsec daemon. Installed Documentation

  • ipsec(8) man page — Describes command options for ipsec.
  • ipsec.conf(5) man page — Contains information on configuring ipsec.
  • ipsec.secrets(5) man page — Describes the format of the ipsec.secrets file.
  • ipsec_auto(8) man page — Describes the use of the auto command line client for manipulating Libreswan IPsec connections established using automatic exchanges of keys.
  • ipsec_rsasigkey(8) man page — Describes the tool used to generate RSA signature keys.
  • /usr/share/doc/libreswan-version/README.nss — Describes the commands for using raw RSA keys and certificates with the NSS crypto library used with the Libreswan pluto daemon.