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2.10.2. Whitelisting Parameters

The cgsnapshot utility also allows parameter whitelisting. If a parameter is whitelisted, it appears in the output generated by cgsnapshot. If a parameter is neither blacklisted or whitelisted, a warning appears informing of this:
~]$ cgsnapshot -f ~/test/cgconfig_test.conf
WARNING: variable cpu.rt_period_us is neither blacklisted nor whitelisted
WARNING: variable cpu.rt_runtime_us is neither blacklisted nor whitelisted
By default, there is no whitelist configuration file. To specify which file to use as a whitelist, use the -w option. For example:
~]$ cgsnapshot -w ~/test/my_whitelist.conf
Specifying the -t option tells cgsnapshot to generate a configuration with parameters from the whitelist only.