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3.8. Red Hat Enterprise MRG

Red Hat Enterprise MRG's Realtime component includes Tuna, a tool that allows users to both adjust the tunable values their system and view the results of those changes. While it was developed for use with the Realtime component, it can also be used to tune standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.
With Tuna, you can adjust or disable unnecessary system activity, including:
  • BIOS parameters related to power management, error detection, and system management interrupts;
  • network settings, such as interrupt coalescing, and the use of TCP;
  • journaling activity in journaling file systems;
  • system logging;
  • whether interrupts and user processes are handled by a specific CPU or range of CPUs;
  • whether swap space is used; and
  • how to deal with out-of-memory exceptions.
For more detailed conceptual information about tuning Red Hat Enterprise MRG with the Tuna interface, refer to the "General System Tuning" chapter of the Realtime Tuning Guide. For detailed instructions about using the Tuna interface, refer to the Tuna User Guide. Both guides are available from