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4.4. Apache HTTP Server

Below is a list of changes for the Apache HTTP Server that are noteworthy when migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6:
  • The mod_file_cache, mod_mem_cache, and mod_imagemap modules are no longer supported.
  • The Charset=UTF-8 option has been added to the default IndexOptions directive. If directory listings with a non UTF-8 character set are required (such as those produced by mod_autoindex), this option must be changed.
  • The distcache distributed session cache is no longer supported in mod_ssl.
  • The default location of the process ID (pid) file has moved from /var/run to /var/run/httpd.
  • The mod_python package is no longer included as upstream development has ceased. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 provides mod_wsgi as an alternative, with support for Python scripting using the WSGI interface.