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Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 6.9-1Tue Mar 14 2017Petr Bokoč
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 General Availability release.
Revision 6.8-5Mon May 02 2016Petr Bokoč
Preparing document for 6.8 GA publication.
Revision 6.8-1Wed Mar 02 2016Petr Bokoč
Preparing document for 6.8 Beta publication.
Revision 6.7-6Wed Aug 05 2015Laura Bailey
Correcting typographical error.
Revision 6.7-5Tue Jul 30 2015Mark Flitter
Updated to include Red Hat Access Insights
Revision 6.7-2Tue Jul 28 2015Mark Flitter
Publishing for RHEL 6.7
Revision 6.7-1Tue Jul 28 2015Mark Flitter
Publishing for RHEL 6.7
Revision 6.6-2Fri Apr 17 2015Laura Bailey
Publishing for RHEL 6.7 Beta.
Revision 6.6-1Tue Dec 16 2014Laura Bailey
Updated metadata to aid doc presentation on the portal.
Revision 6.2-8Thu Aug 18 2014Laura Bailey
Combined two separate list items that were intended to be a single point.
Revision 6.2-7Mon Aug 11 2014Laura Bailey
Corrected the name of the replaced sysklogd package, BZ1088684.
Revision 6.2-6Fri Aug 08 2014Laura Bailey
Preparing document for release alongside RHEL 6.6 Beta.
Revision 6.2-5Tue Jul 29 2014Laura Bailey
Updated wording in libnl3/libnl parallel install section, BZ1092776.
Revision 6.2-4Tue Jul 29 2014Laura Bailey
Actually added sections on Preupgrade Assistant BZ1088147 and Red Hat Upgrade Tool BZ1087196.
Revision 6.2-3Mon Jul 28 2014Laura Bailey
Additional details about rsyslog and libnl3.
Revision 6.2-1Wed Jun 11 2014Laura Bailey
Added details about RSA and DSA key generation changes BZ1088154. Confirmed by tmraz.
Revision 6.2-0Wed Jun 04 2014Laura Bailey
Added section on Preupgrade Assistant and Red Hat Upgrade Tool
Revision 6.1-92Wed May 27 2014Laura Bailey
Corrected ABRT section in the System Monitoring and Kernel chapter BZ710098.
Revision 6.1-91Mon May 19 2014Laura Bailey
Added detail to ABRT section in the System Monitoring and Kernel chapter BZ710098.
Revision 6.1-89Fri May 16 2014Laura Bailey
Misc. updates
Revision 6.1-83Wed Sep 18 2013Laura Bailey
Noted LVS-sync interoperability issues between RHEL 6.4 and RHEL 6.5. BZ#1008708
Revision 6.1-81Thu Sep 05 2013Laura Bailey
Applied final SME feedback for RHEL 6.5.
Revision 6.1-80Tue Aug 13 2013Laura Bailey
Applied SME feedback.
Revision 6.1-77Fri Aug 09 2013Laura Bailey
Applied SME feedback.
Revision 6.1-74Thu Aug 01 2013Laura Bailey
Miscellaneous updates.
Revision 6.1-69Wed Nov 21 2012Scott Radvan
cryptoloop is deprecated.
Revision 6.1-68Sun Oct 14 2012Scott Radvan
Mention Samba 3.6 and link to Release Notes.
Revision 6.1-67Mon Sep 10 2012Scott Radvan
BZ#847907. Modify tape device limit.
Revision 6.1-66Mon Sep 3 2012Scott Radvan
Fix typo reported in BZ#853204
Revision 6.1-65Mon Sep 3 2012Scott Radvan
Include information about the dracut.conf.d configuration directory
Revision 6.1-64Mon Aug 27 2012Scott Radvan
Fix minor typos.
Revision 6.1-63Mon Aug 27 2012Scott Radvan
add id tags throughout guide sections
Revision 6.1-62Mon Aug 27 2012Scott Radvan
Add change of supported tape drives.
Revision 6.1-61Mon Jun 18 2012Scott Radvan
Publish for 6.3 GA release.
Revision 6.1-59Fri Feb 17 2012Scott Radvan
Drop fusecompress section as raised in BZ#791258.
Revision 6.1-58Mon Jan 16 2012Scott Radvan
Fix minor typographical errors raised in BZ#664683.
Revision 6.1-57Mon Jan 16 2012Scott Radvan
Note that joystick support is not provided in the default kernel. BZ#664683.
Revision 6.1-55Mon Nov 28 2011Scott Radvan
Review for 6.2 release.
Revision 6.1-39Wed May 18 2011Scott Radvan
Review for 6.1 release.