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Appendix A. Revision History

Note that revision numbers relate to the edition of this manual, not to version numbers of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Revision History
Revision 6.7-4Wed Mar 8 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Version for 6.9 GA publication.
Revision 6.7-3Wed May 4 2016Marc Muehlfeld
Preparing document for 6.8 GA publication.
Revision 6.7-2Thu Jan 7 2016Aneta Petrová
Rebuilt with an updated brand.
Revision 6.7-1Tue Jan 5 2016Aneta Petrová
Fixed rendering of PAM configuration examples.
Revision 6.7-0Tue Jul 14 2015Tomáš Čapek
Version for 6.7 GA release.
Revision 6.6-1Fri Dec 19 2014Tomáš Čapek
Rebuilt to update the sort order on the splash page.
Revision 6.6-0Fri Oct 10 2014Tomáš Čapek
Version for 6.6 GA release.
Revision 6.4-0March 28, 2013Ella Deon Lackey
Fixed formatting for publican upgrade.
Revision 6.2-4December 5, 2011Ella Deon Lackey
Release for 6.2. GA. Added PIV and CAC card to supported smart cards list.
Revision 6.1-0Thu May 5, 2011Ella Deon Lackey
Fixed bugs, other updates.
Revision 6.0-0Thu Oct 22 2009Ella Deon Lackey
Initial draft for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.