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4.8. Disabling LDAP Authentication for Token Operations

By default, each user who requests a token operation is authenticated against an LDAP directory. If the user has an entry, then the operation is allowed; if the user does not have an entry, then the operation is rejected.
For testing or for certain types of users, then it can be simpler or preferable to disable LDAP authentication. This is not configured in the Enterprise Security Client configuration, but in the Token Processing System configuration, and must be done by a TPS administrator.
  1. Stop the TPS subsystem.
    service pki-tps stop
  2. Open the TPS configuration file.
    vim /var/lib/pki-tps/conf/CS.cfg
  3. Set the authentication parameters to false.
    The operation_type is the token operation for which LDAP authentication is being disabled, such as enroll, format, or pinreset. Disabling authentication for one operation type does not disable it for any other operation types.
    The token_type is the token profile. There are default profiles for regular users, security officers, and the users enrolled by security officers. There can also be custom token types for other kinds of users or certificates.
    For example:
  4. Restart the TPS subsystem.
    service pki-tps start
Editing the TPS configuration is covered in the Certificate System Administrator's Guide.