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6.3. Booleans

SELinux is based on the least level of access required for a service to run. Services can be run in a variety of ways; therefore, you need to specify how you run your services. Use the following Booleans to set up SELinux:
When disabled, this Boolean prevents named from writing to zone files or directories labeled with the named_zone_t type. named does not usually need to write to zone files; but in the case that it needs to, or if a secondary server needs to write to zone files, enable this Boolean to allow this action.
When enabled, this Boolean allows BIND to bind an Apache port.


Due to the continuous development of the SELinux policy, the list above might not contain all Booleans related to the service at all times. To list them, run the following command as root:
~]# semanage boolean -l | grep service_name