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6.4.2. Moving Extents to a New Disk

In this example, the logical volume is distributed across three physical volumes in the volume group myvg as follows:
# pvs -o+pv_used
  PV         VG   Fmt  Attr PSize  PFree  Used
  /dev/sda1  myvg lvm2 a-   17.15G  7.15G 10.00G
  /dev/sdb1  myvg lvm2 a-   17.15G 15.15G  2.00G
  /dev/sdc1  myvg lvm2 a-   17.15G 15.15G  2.00G
We want to move the extents of /dev/sdb1 to a new device, /dev/sdd1. Creating the New Physical Volume

Create a new physical volume from /dev/sdd1.
# pvcreate /dev/sdd1
  Physical volume "/dev/sdd1" successfully created