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7.8.3. Duplicate Warnings for Multipath Maps

The following examples show a duplicate PV warning for two devices that are both multipath maps. In these examples we are not looking at two different paths, but two different devices.
Found duplicate PV GDjTZf7Y03GJHjteqOwrye2dcSCjdaUi: using **/dev/mapper/mpatha** not **/dev/mapper/mpathc**
Found duplicate PV GDjTZf7Y03GJHjteqOwrye2dcSCjdaUi: using **/dev/emcpowera** not **/dev/emcpowerh**
This situation is more serious than duplicate warnings for devices that are both single paths to the same device, since these warnings often mean that the machine has been presented devices which it should not be seeing (for example, LUN clones or mirrors). In this case, unless you have a clear idea of what devices should be removed from the machine, the situation could be unrecoverable. It is recommended that you contact Red Hat Technical Support to address this issue.