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3.5.2. How This Affects Load Balancer Add-On Routing

IPVS packet forwarding only allows connections in and out of the cluster based on it recognizing its port number or its firewall mark. If a client from outside the cluster attempts to open a port IPVS is not configured to handle, it drops the connection. Similarly, if the real server attempts to open a connection back out to the Internet on a port IPVS does not know about, it drops the connection. This means all connections from FTP clients on the Internet must have the same firewall mark assigned to them and all connections from the FTP server must be properly forwarded to the Internet using network packet filtering rules.


In order to enable passive FTP connections, ensure that you have the ip_vs_ftp kernel module loaded, which you can do by running the command modprobe ip_vs_ftp as an administrative user at a shell prompt.