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3.3. Hardware Requirements

For a list of minimum hardware requirements of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux technology capabilities and limits page. Also note that the minimum memory requirements listed on that page assume that you create a swap space based on the recommendations in Section 9.15.5, “Recommended Partitioning Scheme”. Systems with low memory (1 GB and less) and less than the recommended amount of swap space may have issues ranging from low responsivity up to and including complete inability to boot after the installation.
For installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on x86, AMD64, and Intel 64 systems, Red Hat supports the following installation targets:
  • Hard drives connected by a standard internal interface, such as SCSI, SATA, or SAS
  • BIOS/firmware RAID devices
Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters and multipath devices are also supported. Vendor-provided drivers may be required for certain hardware.
Red Hat does not support installation to USB drives or SD memory cards.
Red Hat also supports installations that use the following virtualization technologies:
  • Xen block devices on Intel processors in Xen virtual machines.
  • VirtIO block devices on Intel processors in KVM virtual machines.