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34.2.2. Choose Service

Use the Choose Service screen to choose what kind of subscription service to register the system with. Click Proxy Setup to configure a proxy server if necessary. More information about subscription management with a proxy server can be found in the Red Hat Subscription Management guide.
Red Hat Subscription Management
Any subscription service which uses the proper X.509 certificates to identify the system, installed products, and attached subscriptions is part of Red Hat Subscription Management. This includes Customer Portal Subscription Management (hosted services), Subscription Asset Manager (on-premise subscription service and proxied content delivery), and CloudForms System Engine (on-premise subscription and content delivery services).
This option is the default. Red Hat Subscription Management is strongly recommended for organizations that do not run a local Satellite server.
Red Hat Network (RHN) Classic
Select the Red Hat Network (RHN) Classic option to use the legacy systems-management features of Red Hat Network. While RHN Classic can be used with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x systems, it is intended primarily for existing, legacy systems. It is recommended that new installations use Red Hat Subscription Management.
An RHN Satellite or RHN Proxy
Use this option in environments with access to a local mirror of the Red Hat Network content.
Choose Service

Figure 34.4. Choose Service