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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

23.19. Installation Complete

Congratulations! Your Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation is now complete!
The installation program prompts you to prepare your system for reboot.
The installation program automatically reboots into the installed system.
Should the installation program not reboot, the installation program shows information from which device to do an IPL (boot). Accept the shutdown option and after shutdown, IPL from the DASD or SCSI LUN where the /boot partition for Red Hat Enterprise Linux has been installed.

23.19.1. IPL Under z/VM

To IPL from a DASD, for example using the DASD device 200 on the 3270 console, issue the command:
#cp i 200
In DASD only environments where automatic partitioning (clearing data from all partitions) was used, the first activated DASD is where the /boot partition is typically located.
Using /boot on an FCP LUN, you must provide the WWPN and LUN for the FCP-attached device from which to IPL.
To IPL from an FCP-attached device:
  1. Provide FCP routing information to an FCP-attached device, for example, where 0x50050763050B073D is the WWPN, and 0x4020400100000000 is the FCP LUN:
    #cp set loaddev portname50050763 050B073D lun 40204001 00000000
  2. IPL the FCP adapter, for example FC00:
    #cp ipl FC00


To disconnect from the 3270 terminal without stopping the Linux running in your virtual machine, use #cp disconnect instead of #cp logoff. When your virtual machine is re-connected using the usual logon procedure, it might be placed in CP console function mode (CP READ). If so, to resume execution on your virtual machine, enter the BEGIN command.