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2.2.2. Minimal USB Boot Media for UEFI-based Systems


When you perform this procedure any data on the USB flash drive is destroyed with no warning. Make sure that you specify the correct USB flash drive, and make sure that this flash drive does not contain any data that you want to keep.
To creater minimal USB boot media for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, use the efidisk.img file in the images/ directory on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 installation DVD:
  1. Download an ISO image file of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 installation DVD as described in Chapter 1, Obtaining Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  2. Become root:
    su -
  3. Create a mount point for the ISO image file:
    # mkdir /mnt/dvdiso
  4. Mount the image file:
    # mount DVD.iso /mnt/dvdiso -o loop
    Where DVD.iso is the name of the ISO image file, for example RHEL6.9-Server-x86_64-DVD.iso.
  5. Transfer efidisk.img from the ISO image file to your USB flash drive:
    # dd if=/mnt/dvdiso/images/efidisk.img of=/dev/device_name
    For example:
    # dd if=/mnt/dvdiso/images/efidisk.img of=/dev/sdc


    Use the dd command to write the image file directly to the device. Using cp to copy the file or transferring the file using a file manager will make the device unbootable.
  6. Unmount the ISO image file:
    # umount /mnt/dvdiso