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18.2.3. Installation Phase 2

In installation phase 2, you need to specify what language to use and where phase 3 of the installation program and the software packages to be installed from the repository on the Red Hat installation medium can be found. On System z, the installation sources are usually transferred from the DVD to a network server. Phase 3 of the installation program and the repository can be accessed in one of the following ways:
  • Over the network using one of the FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, or NFS protocols. A separate network server (FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, or NFS), which holds all the required installation sources, must be set up in advance. For details on how to set up a network server, refer to Section 19.1, “Preparing for a Network Installation”.
  • Hard disk (DASD or a SCSI device attached through an FCP channel). You need to set up a disk that holds the required installation sources in advance. For details, Refer to Section 19.2, “Preparing for a Hard Drive Installation”.
  • Through an FCP-attached SCSI DVD. This is handled automatically if booted from FCP-attached SCSI DVD.
The interface you will use in installation phase 2 is the loader, which provides a full-screen text-based interface with a blue background by default. For unattended installations in cmdline mode, the loader offers line-mode, text-based output. (Refer to Chapter 22, Installation Phase 2: Configuring Language and Installation Source.)