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18.3.2. Installation using X11

The direct connection from the X11 client to an X11 server on your local workstation requires an IP connection from your System z to your workstation. If the network and firewalls prevent such connections, use X11 forwarding or VNC instead.
The graphical installation program requires the DNS and hostname to be set correctly, and the Linux installation system must be allowed to open applications on your display. You can ensure this by setting the parameter display=workstationname:0.0 in the parameter file, where workstationname is the hostname of the client workstation connecting to the Linux image. Alternatively, you can set the display environment variable and run loader manually after having logged in with SSH as user root. By default you log in as user install. This starts the loader automatically and does not allow overriding the display environment variable.
To permit X11 clients to open applications on the X11 server on your workstation, use the xauth command. To manage X11 authorization cookies with xauth, you must log in to the Linux installation system using SSH as user root. For details on xauth and how to manage authorization cookies, refer to the xauth manpage.
In contrast to setting up X11 authorizations with xauth, you can use xhost to permit the Linux installation system to connect to the X11 server:
xhost +linuxvm
Replace linuxvm with the hostname or IP address of the Linux installation system. This allows linuxvm to make connections to the X11 server.
If the graphical installation does not begin automatically, verify the display= variable settings in the parameter file. If performing an installation under z/VM, rerun the installation to load the new parameter file on the reader.