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32.8.4. Running subscription-manager as a Post-Install Script

The subscription-manager command-line script registers a system to a Red Hat Subscription Management server (Customer Portal Subscription Management, Subscription Asset Manager, or CloudForms System Engine). This script can also be used to assign or attach subscriptions automatically to the system that best-match that system.
When registering to the Customer Portal, use the Red Hat network login credentials. When registering to Subscription Asset Manager or CloudForms System Engine, use whatever user account was created by the local administrator.
Additional options can be used with the registration command to set a preferred service level for the system and to restrict updates and errata to a specific operating system version.
%post --log=/root/ks-post.log
/usr/sbin/subscription-manager register --password=secret --org="Admin Group" --environment="Dev" --servicelevel=standard --release="6.6"
For additional information about using subscription-manager, see the Knowledgebase article at