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23.14. Choosing a Disk Encryption Passphrase

If you selected the Encrypt System option, the installer prompts you for a passphrase with which to encrypt the partitions on the system.
Partitions are encrypted using the Linux Unified Key Setup — refer to Appendix C, Disk Encryption for more information.
Enter passphrase for encrypted partition

Figure 23.36.  Enter passphrase for encrypted partition

Choose a passphrase and type it into each of the two fields in the dialog box. You must provide this passphrase every time that the system boots.


If you lose this passphrase, any encrypted partitions and the data on them will become completely inaccessible. There is no way to recover a lost passphrase.
Note that if you perform a kickstart installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can save encryption passphrases and create backup encryption passphrases during installation. Refer to Section C.3.2, “Saving Passphrases” and Section C.3.3, “Creating and Saving Backup Passphrases”.