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26.4. VNC and X11 Parameters

The following parameters can be defined in a parameter file but do not work in a CMS configuration file. With these parameters you control what interface will be used for anaconda.
To use an X11 user interface without X11 forwarding, specify the following X11 parameter:
Sets the hostname or IP address and the X11 display where the installer should connect to and display its graphical user interface.
To use a VNC server instead of an X11 user interface, specify the following VNC parameters:
Specify vnc to use the VNC graphical user interface later in the installation process.
This parameter sets the password used to connect to the VNC server. The password parameter is optional. If not used, the VNC server does not use a password and anybody can connect to the VNC server.
When used in addition to vnc and vncpassword=, this optional parameter specifies the hostname or IP address (and optionally, a TCP port) where a VNC client is running in listening mode. The installer connects to and displays its graphical user interface on this VNC client.