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A.5. Enabling Quota Accounting

It is possible to keep track of disk usage and maintain quota accounting for every user and group without enforcing the limit and warn values. To do this, mount the file system with the quota=account option specified.


mount -o quota=account BlockDevice MountPoint
-o quota=account
Specifies that user and group usage statistics are maintained by the file system, even though the quota limits are not enforced.
Specifies the block device where the GFS2 file system resides.
Specifies the directory where the GFS2 file system should be mounted.


In this example, the GFS2 file system on /dev/vg01/lvol0 is mounted on the /mygfs2 directory with quota accounting enabled.
# mount -o quota=account /dev/vg01/lvol0 /mygfs2