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1.4. Differences between GFS and GFS2

This section lists the improvements and changes that GFS2 offers over GFS.
Migrating from GFS to GFS2 requires that you convert your GFS file systems to GFS2 with the gfs2_convert utility. For information on the gfs2_convert utility, see Appendix B, Converting a File System from GFS to GFS2.

1.4.1. GFS2 Command Names

In general, the functionality of GFS2 is identical to GFS. The names of the file system commands, however, specify GFS2 instead of GFS. Table 1.1, “GFS and GFS2 Commands” shows the equivalent GFS and GFS2 commands and functionality.

Table 1.1. GFS and GFS2 Commands

GFS CommandGFS2 CommandDescription
mountmountMount a file system. The system can determine whether the file system is a GFS or GFS2 file system type. For information on the GFS2 mount options see the gfs2_mount(8) man page.
umountumountUnmount a file system.
Check and repair an unmounted file system.
gfs_growgfs2_growGrow a mounted file system.
gfs_jaddgfs2_jaddAdd a journal to a mounted file system.
mkfs -t gfs
mkfs -t gfs2
Create a file system on a storage device.
gfs_quotagfs2_quota Manage quotas on a mounted file system. As of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 release, GFS2 supports the standard Linux quota facilities. For further information on quota management in GFS2, see Section 4.5, “GFS2 Quota Management”.
mount parameters
dmsetup suspend
Configure, tune, or gather information about a file system. The tunegfs2 command is supported as of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 release. There is also a gfs2_tool command.
gfs_editgfs2_editDisplay, print, or edit file system internal structures. The gfs2_edit command can be used for GFS file systems as well as GFS2 file system.
gfs_tool setflag jdata/inherit_jdatachattr +j (preferred)Enable journaling on a file or directory.
setfacl/getfaclsetfacl/getfacl Set or get file access control list for a file or directory.
setfattr/getfattrsetfattr/getfattr Set or get the extended attributes of a file.
For a full listing of the supported options for the GFS2 file system commands, see the man pages for those commands.