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4.25. Fence kdump

Table 4.26, “Fence kdump” lists the fence device parameters used by fence_dkump, the fence agent for kdump crash recovery service. Note that fence_kdump is not a replacement for traditional fencing methods; The fence_kdump agent can detect only that a node has entered the kdump crash recovery service. This allows the kdump crash recovery service to complete without being preempted by traditional power fencing methods.

Table 4.26. Fence kdump

luci Field cluster.conf Attribute Description
Name name A name for the fence_kdump device.
IP Family family IP network family. The default value is auto.
IP Port (optional) ipport IP port number that the fence_kdump agent will use to listen for messages. The default value is 7410.
Operation Timeout (seconds) (optional) timeout Number of seconds to wait for message from failed node.
Node name nodename Name or IP address of the node to be fenced.