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5.10. Determining Device Mapper Entries with the dmsetup Command

You can use the dmsetup command to find out which device mapper entries match the multipathed devices.
The following command displays all the device mapper devices and their major and minor numbers. The minor numbers determine the name of the dm device. For example, a minor number of 3 corresponds to the multipathed device /dev/dm-3.
# dmsetup ls
mpathd  (253:4)
mpathep1        (253:12)
mpathfp1        (253:11)
mpathb  (253:3)
mpathgp1        (253:14)
mpathhp1        (253:13)
mpatha  (253:2)
mpathh  (253:9)
mpathg  (253:8)
VolGroup00-LogVol01     (253:1)
mpathf  (253:7)
VolGroup00-LogVol00     (253:0)
mpathe  (253:6)
mpathbp1        (253:10)
mpathd  (253:5)