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13.2.29. Downgrading SSSD

When downgrading — either downgrading the version of SSSD or downgrading the operating system itself — then the existing SSSD cache needs to be removed. If the cache is not removed, then SSSD process is dead but a PID file remains. The SSSD logs show that it cannot connect to any of its associated domains because the cache version is unrecognized.
(Wed Nov 28 21:25:50 2012) [sssd] [sysdb_domain_init_internal] (0x0010): Unknown DB version [0.14], expected [0.10] for domain AD!
Users are then no longer recognized and are unable to authenticate to domain services and hosts.
After downgrading the SSSD version:
  1. Delete the existing cache database files.
    ~]# rm -rf /var/lib/sss/db/*
  2. Restart the SSSD process.
    ~]# service sssd restart
    Stopping sssd:                                             [FAILED]
    Starting sssd:                                             [  OK  ]