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8.6. Additional Resources

For more information on how to manage software packages on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, see the resources listed below.

Installed Documentation

  • yum(8) — The manual page for the yum command-line utility provides a complete list of supported options and commands.
  • yumdb(8) — The manual page for the yumdb command-line utility documents how to use this tool to query and, if necessary, alter the yum database.
  • yum.conf(5) — The manual page named yum.conf documents available yum configuration options.
  • yum-utils(1) — The manual page named yum-utils lists and briefly describes additional utilities for managing yum configuration, manipulating repositories, and working with yum database.

Online Resources

  • Yum Guides — The Yum Guides page on the project home page provides links to further documentation.
  • Red Hat Access Labs — The Red Hat Access Labs includes a Yum Repository Configuration Helper.

See Also

  • Chapter 4, Gaining Privileges documents how to gain administrative privileges by using the su and sudo commands.
  • Appendix B, RPM describes the RPM Package Manager (RPM), the packaging system used by Red Hat Enterprise Linux.