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6.3. Removing Subscriptions

To remove a particular subscription, complete the following steps.
  1. Determine the serial number of the subscription you want to remove by listing information about already attached subscriptions:
    subscription-manager list --consumed
    The serial number is the number listed as serial. For instance, 744993814251016831 in the example below:
    SKU:               ES0113909
    Contract:          01234567
    Account:           1234567
    Serial:            744993814251016831
    Pool ID:           8a85f9894bba16dc014bccdd905a5e23
    Active:            False
    Quantity Used:     1
    Service Level:     SELF-SUPPORT
    Service Type:      L1-L3
    Status Details:    
    Subscription Type: Standard
    Starts:            02/27/2015
    Ends:              02/27/2016
    System Type:       Virtual
  2. Enter a command as follows to remove the selected subscription:
    subscription-manager remove --serial=serial_number
    Replace serial_number with the serial number you determined in the previous step.
To remove all subscriptions attached to the system, run the following command:
subscription-manager remove --all